Distracting Decolletage

It was worth slogging through the somnabulistic Emmy telecast to see “Mad Men” pick up the trophy for best drama.  (Basic cable pretty much pwned the networks for those keeping score at home.)  And also to see Christina Hendricks, aka Joan Holloway, work the red carpet.  Yowza! Her decolletage is beyond distracting.  That girl is smuggling dirigibles in that dress.  If Tarantino ever does in fact get around to re-making Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (though really, don’t), Hendricks better not even have to audition to land a role.  She is a Russ Meyer girl all the way. And can genuinely act to boot.

YouTube [via Videogum]

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2 Responses to Distracting Decolletage

  1. Love Christina. Love that MM spanked everyone at the Emmys. HAH.

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