Anecdotes Pertaining to the Weekend Away

I’m back. Shrew? Tamed. Things happened, but nothing revelatory, other than: Victory Golden Monkey beer is the devil, I learned that much while away. What condition was my condition in the day after? Oof. Bad. And I only had one and a half, preceded by the much milder Lucky Kat. I point to an incident from earlier last week to back up my assertion: J-Link was watching the Obama speech with us, and accidentally on purpose consumed four or five Golden Monkeys. He stood up, nearly tripped, and went a-lurching down the hall. I located him outside in the driveway, where he had spent twenty minutes retrieving his bag from the back of his car. Later he was at the kitchen table, where S. Beaver was trying to get him to swallow some Advil and a big glass o’ water. Done and done. Yet somehow, about thirty minutes later, he had re-emerged from his room, clad in his pajamas, and was sitting at the same table cradling a laptop, punching at the keys wildly with one finger. “J-Link, what are you trying to read on the internet?” we asked. “All of it!”

He then responded to to every query with a smiley and chipper “shaddup” before finally lumbering to bed.

On the first night, we had this discussion: JP was like, “I’m basing my character on Foghorn Leghorn and Steven Tyler.” He was joking (sort of), but what a great “method” for some despicable acting teacher to foist on unsuspecting students. “Listen up, class, This. Is. Acting. You take a cartoon character, and a musician, and combine them. I’m Mr. Spacely, but also Lenny Kravitz. See what I did there?”

Later that night (or some other night, they all blend by the end) someone started one of those “Is [fill in the band name] overrated?” conversations that can be argued ad nauseum but never satisfactorily. This time it was about Radiohead. “They should’ve stopped making albums after ‘Ok Computer'” went the refrain.

“You know what the best Radiohead concert I saw was? The Hollywood Bowl,” said S. Beaver.

JP leans over and exhales a drag from his cigarette. “You know the worst Radiohead concert I saw? Coldplay.”


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3 Responses to Anecdotes Pertaining to the Weekend Away

  1. “…what a great ‘method’ for some despicable acting teacher to foist on unsuspecting students …”


    I’m a Wonder Twin aaannndd…. Fergie! GO!

  2. operatorla says:

    LOL! Someone has actually figured out my acting method. I am deeply saddened but wonder if I should come out with the book on it now

  3. ephemerist says:

    @OperatorLA: You totally should! And a series of tapes. And an infomercial.

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