Once More Unto the Breach

I’m going away as I usually do for Labor Day to do a thing, to a place where cell phone reception is spotty at best and the series of tubes that make up the internet have not been laid. Suffice it to say, no updates until I return. And as it is the Summer of Monsters, perchance this time I’ll finally get to see Champy, the elusive monster of Lake Champlain.

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9 Responses to Once More Unto the Breach

  1. You shall bring me the hide of Champy. I order you.

  2. ephemerist says:

    @Sorcia: I will first need to hire a crusty, alcoholic local, hands and face chapped by sun and sea, to take me out on the lake. Hopefully he can lead me to the monster. Then, uh, I catch it and skin it? This part is harder!

  3. Yes, and think of the fab stories you’ll have when you come back! Hide in tow!
    PS Don’t let the crusty alcoholic rape you. And don’t let him steal the hide.

  4. operatorla says:

    What I wouldn’t give to have video of the events you describe. For some reason I can only envision ephem dressed as the MOrton’s Fisherman!

  5. operatorla says:

    or is the gordon’s fisherman?

  6. Gordon’s. And I’ve ALWAYS thought that guy looked a little rapey.

  7. ephemerist says:

    I think it’s Gortons? Either way, the rape will hurt!

  8. ephemerist says:

    Guess what? NO RAPE! But there were foxes with distemper. Not quite the same, eh?

  9. No, decidedly not. Champy’s hide = FAIL

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