The Science of Beer Goggles

Yay science! It justifies all my bad decisions! Such as the case of “beer goggles.” Turns out, “People really do appear more attractive when our perceptions are changed by drinking alcohol.”

Thank ye!

As well as changing perceptions of attractiveness, alcohol also encourages us to engage in behaviour we would otherwise avoid. In a study by Robert Leeman of Yale University students reported they were more likely to engage in risky sexual acts after drinking – which could be due to alcohol lowering our inhibitions through a direct effect on the brain or by providing a convenient excuse for such behaviour.

Well, er, naturally, if I thought you were hotter after a few drinks, I’d be more apt to stick it to ya. In any event, that painfully horrifying moment of realization in the morning, as I skulk towards the nearest subway entrance regretting my choice of copulation partners, will now be mitigated entirely by this research! But yet, has anyone bothered to study scientifically the commonly held adage “if you wake up next someone hot, you’re the ugly one?”

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