The Wonders of Nature: Whale Fart Captured on Film

File under: Whoever smelt it, dealt it. The image to the right purportedly shows one of nature’s most majestic mammals, the whale, er, ripping one in the vastness of the ocean. For serious:

“The picture is of an Antarctic minke whale taken from the bow of a ship,” said AAD principal research scientist Dr Nick Gales. “The white bits in the photo are pieces of ice-floe, the stream of pinky colour behind the whale is a faecal plume – a.k.a. “poo” – the large circle in the water is indeed the physical eruption of the whale’s flatulence.”

Ha! The rest of the (admittedly old) article is some scientific jibber-jabbering about whale diets and whatnot, but really, who cares. It’s a picture of a whale toot! Go science! By the by, I’m so going to be trying to work “faecal plume” into conversation any chance I can.
Flatulent whales caught in the act [via Quiddity]

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