RIP Estelle Getty

All any artist can hope for is to make an impact on the culture, to create a lasting legacy. If so, then the sheer number of reactions to the death of Estelle Getty means she has indeed left her mark, and rightly so. Remember all those “Which ‘Golden Girl’ Are You?” quizzes that floated around the internet? Everyone mostly wanted to kind of be Blanche, because I guess vainly it meant that you’d still actually get laid in your twilight years. But really, as you age, the more you really just want to be Sophia, because does not getting old mean you earn the right to say whatever the fuck you want to and fuck with those you love just because you can? No one made old age more appealing than Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo.

But if you’re IM windows and email accounts weren’t blowing up with the sadness of the news, look no further than Facebook, where everyone is a latter day town crier, heralding not just the sad news but also their reactions. As such, here’s a sampling of some updates I read on the Facebook after the news of Estelle Getty’s passing (friends who were, like me, apparently inveterate “Golden Girls” fans):

will miss the best “Golden Girl.”

is pleased he can finally admit he’s a fan of ‘Golden Girls’ after the outpouring of condolences for Estelle Getty.

misses Estelle Getty already.

says “picture it: sicily, 1926, a young peasant woman…”

is going to have a slice of cheesecake in honor of her fallen Golden Girl :(.

thinks EVERY day is a good day for a Golden Girls marathon, but today we need one more than ever!

Goodbye, Ma.

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5 Responses to RIP Estelle Getty

  1. operatorla says:

    Ah, how sweet! I was discussing with friends the overwhelming amount of faceboook status updates that honored estelle. And one friend pointed out that almost every gay in his friends list had posted something about her passing. So sad. But we will always have the show. In honor of Sophia, I cursed myupstairs neighbors with the evil eye!

  2. jellykean says:

    That was a beautiful post. I had a strange reaction to the facebook status messages and such at first. But a friend pointed out to me how important Golden Girls was to our generation. Somehow even more so than the audience it was intended for.

    It is amazing what a huge sort of affection people, myself included, have for Estelle Getty, and even more so for Sophia. That is an amazing legacy.

  3. ephemerist says:

    Yes. We will always have that particular slice of time and space in Miami, where a quartet of graying ladies taught us how to live and love. Sigh.

  4. *SOB*
    I’m so glad you posted this — after being surrounded by athletes all day, there was no one I could commisterate with!!
    Thank YOU for being a friend.

  5. ephemerist says:

    @Sorcia: One cannot expect a college athlete to understand the lasting impact of GG on the broader culture. There are no Cliff’s Notes for the Girls.

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