Jumping the Surfer!

Holy crap, Nature! Some lucky photog captured an amazing shot of of a shark leaping out of the water near some surfers in, of course, Florida — the nexus of all things weird, wondrous and awful. Still! Amazing. And the surfers, presumably, were oblivious. (Click on the image for the full slideshow.)

local6 [via newsvine]

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5 Responses to Jumping the Surfer!

  1. Oh, Florida. You wacky old state, you.

  2. operatorla says:

    I saw this series of pictures a few days ago and awakened my fear of the ocean…well, not really the ocean, but things like jumping sharks- in the ocean. This picture is my nightmare!

  3. ephemerist says:

    OMG for serious. Jumping. Sharks.

  4. ephemerist says:

    @Sorcia: You know! You know you know!

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