For the Record…

The forthcoming memoir from geriatric, flatulent, suspendered, non-internet using TV host Larry King will be titled What Am I Doing Here? It hits on so many levels that I couldn’t even write a funnier one if I tried. (Though Jeff Bercovici has a nice go at some “rejected titles.”)

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2 Responses to For the Record…

  1. Homophile says:

    Haha, oh god. I think you should do him one better and come up with a post of formidable secondary titles.

    What Am I Doing Here? (And Why Does It Smell Like Piss?), What Am I Doing Here? (It’s Dark And I’m Scared), etc.

  2. ephemerist says:

    @Homophile: I was going to but I didn’t feel creative. So, I’ll do it here in the comments:

    What Am I Doing Here? (And Who Farted?). Alt. title: Farting On Air: My Life in Broadcasting.

    What Am I Doing Here (And What Is the Internet?).

    Suspenders of Disbelief.

    It’s Not a Non-Sequiter If I Wasn’t Listening in the First Place: Conversations with the Rich and Famous.

    I’ve Lobbed More Softballs Than a Little League Team: My Guide to Televised Interviews.

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