Bálla Powder? Holla!

Since it’s summer now, and summer often means sweating everywhere, there is thankfully a thrilling product named Bálla Powder, which is, as it sounds –truth in advertising! — a scented talcum powder for a man’s balls. Great, right? Still, there’s a sentence from the product description that I found, well, at first inscrutable (see if you can guess what it is):

Bálla Powder for Men is the ideal anti-chafing and anti-wetness solution for clammy sacks. Guaranteed to prevent the dreaded “bat wing” syndrome, Balla Powder for Men is lightly scented with a masculine fragrance, for anyone else who plans to work in your close quarters. Can be sprinkled into your fudgies for all-day-long comfort and dryness. A fabulous post-workout treatment, Balla Powder for Men can also be used between your cheeks, as well as on fetid feet and aromatic armpits.

If you guessed “‘bat wing’ syndrome” then we’re on equal footing. Though a BoingBoing commenter helpfully defines it as “Scrotum-leg adherence syndrome.” Phew/uck. But for fun, have a go at the Google and see all the “clever” definitions this so called syndrome yields. The commenters on Dave Barry’s blog certainly tried to bring the ha-has.

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7 Responses to Bálla Powder? Holla!

  1. I like that it’s so prevelant, it’s “dreaded”

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  3. ephemerist says:

    @Sorcia: Lord, what is this linkback? It’s like some sort of right-wing racist hate spew out of context.

  4. ephemerist says:

    Oh and. It so prevalent I didn’t KNOW IT EXISTED, well, I know it existed, but I didn’t know it had terminology that defined it as such.

  5. elevatingsubstance says:

    This is awesome. I blogged something about something similar six months or so ago and I still get — on a daily basis — people tracking me down after Googling the phrase ‘penis odor.’


    I loved that they even have a video…

    “We want to help you, and you will see that the ordering process is quite simple.”

  6. Lord, out of context, that is the WORST pingback ever. wtf

  7. ephemerist says:

    Googling the phrase ‘penis odor’? Gah. You are either doing a great service to those who find you, or perhaps crushing their hopes –depending on what they expect. I am hoping the Google picks up the tag “clammy sacks” as that will surely add to the bizarro search terms that drive traffic to this here blog!

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