Passive-Aggressive Chastisement

If you want a cogent wrap-up of my recent vacation adventure (besides the aforementioned bacon ice cream fiasco), look no further than my favorite travel companion/provocateur/sibling’s blog for the skinny. Though as an addendum: the hotel we stayed at issued us a parking pass, good for any space on the street not metered. We were instructed not to park in the lot behind the adjacent church when we checked in, but just in case we didn’t get it, this deliciously passive-aggressive note was posted on the door to our room (see above). Yeesh! By posting this preemptive “I told you so” it’s like you want us to flaunt your regulations just to spite you. (We did not, however.)

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2 Responses to Passive-Aggressive Chastisement

  1. Also: DID he actually tell us not to park there?! I think he failed to in his lecture on the beauty of Beverly Hills.

  2. ephemerist says:

    Oh, he did. While reeling off the names of the streets we could park on, in the midst of his diatribe on Beverly Hills. One can be forgiven for not following the twisted strain of conversation.

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