Summer Vacation

So, I’ll be off for the next week on vacation to a secret bunker in the Adirondacks, learning to knit adorable accessories like the Lady Liberty Cat Hat (pictured, via). My special project is a froofy Marie Antoinette kitty wig. Cross your fingers! In addition to handicrafts and canning vegetables, we’ll be waking up at dawn for intensive drills on how to fend off government agents when they come for our guns and craft glue. After I’m back I’ll be taking orders for rifle cozies — they’re a great gift idea for birthdays and holidays! Alas there is no internet access in the compound, so no blogging!

Sadly the above is untrue. The Militia Craft week was all full by the time I tried to sign up. Go Figure. Instead, I’ll be at the beach on gaycation ’08. It’ll look more like the picture after the jump.

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4 Responses to Summer Vacation

  1. If you ever did make a Lady Liberty Cat Hat, I would totally buy it. (That said, I’m too afraid to go searching for one on the internet…)

  2. operatorla says:

    are you doing your yearly sahkespeare in the summer thingy, or is this an actual trip for personal solace?

    I prefer the term vagaytion… but gaycation works as well.

  3. ephemerist says:

    @OpLa: This was a garden variety, week at the beach thing. And it was glorious. I also approve of vagaytion. There are many variants on the theme!

  4. ephemerist says:

    @Gay Recluse: I don’t think I have the patience to actually make a cat hat. AND DO NOT go a searchin’ on the net. It will lead you down a terrible, dark hole. (I’d think.)

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