Can Jonathan Ames Save HBO?

It seems that Bored to Death, a script by author, pugilist and raconteur Jonathan Ames, has been green-lit by HBO. The comedy is about “a Brooklyn writer who nurses a painful breakup by acting out his dream to live as a character out of a Raymond Chandler novel. As a result, he finds a new lease on life by offering up his services as an inexperienced private eye.” (The Observer handily points out the circular, life-imitates-art-ness of the project.)

One wonders if this is the project that will shore up the flagging HBO, which recently brought on Tina Brown and Frank Rich as “creative consultants.” HBO is desparate for the next Sopranos or Sex and the City and thus far no recent offering has managed to grip the collective interest of the viewing public. (Two words: Lucky Louie.)

With shows like Hung and Tell Me You Love Me in the HBO stable, it doesn’t seem odd that Ames would fit in with whatever sexual compunction is gripping the network, as Ames is no stranger to exploring the vagaries of his (sometimes transgressive) sexual appetite. But if “Bored” incorporates too much of Ames’ quirky kinks, might it not then seem like the moody east coast counterpart to the sunny Los Angeles hedonism of rival network Showtime’s Californication? Though just because it’s Ames, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the amateur gumshoe will have a predilection for tranny hookers. (But maybe?)

And! Possible sticking point — detective premise or no, does anyone care about Brooklyn writers except for writers from Brooklyn? [NYO]

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5 Responses to Can Jonathan Ames Save HBO?

  1. He should be required to give Jeeves a supporting role.

  2. ephemerist says:

    It should’ve maybe been the Jeeves show. Alcoholic writer and imagined English manservant get into all kinds of scrapes. Oh, Jeeves.

  3. Galinsky says:

    Happy JA’s life goes public.

  4. ephemerist says:

    @Galinsky: Or, more public?

  5. Jeff Crupper says:

    Looking forward to his latest project…20 days and counting.

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