Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (When I Hold My Cigarette To Your Face)

The cigarette tax in New York City was raised again, bringing the price of a pack to a number so ungodly I cannot bear to type it. The powers that be hope the increased tariff will finally get everyone to put down their smokes for good. There are many methods for quitting: pills, patches, hypnosis, cold turkey, death. (Side note: my doctor wanted me to use Chantix. “Read up on it online then come back and let me know.” Oh, read up on it I did, as I am king of the internet diagnosis…and the suicidal ideations and dissasociation with reality that occur when taking this wonder pill didn’t win me over. My daily dance with mental stability is tenuous as it is, without the aid of a drug that may make me end up trying to hook up with a potted plant.) Or, you could try the method employed by former New Yorker and ex-smoker David Sedaris, which he told the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart involved moving to Japan for three months, a trip that when tallied ran him $23, 000 dollars. Since I don’t have that kind of scratch, the best I could probably do is a day trip to Saratoga Springs. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to cut it.
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5 Responses to Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (When I Hold My Cigarette To Your Face)

  1. Homophile says:

    Hahaha. You should have totally been like, “No thanks, doc, I think I’m going to try this new drug regime. It’s called GETTING CRUNK.”

    Sidenote: Blech. I hate that word. “Crunk.”

  2. ephemerist says:

    Will my insurance plan cover this “getting crunk”? I’d like to test that.

  3. jellykean says:

    Sedaris. The mind boggles at what went on in that family. I think it could be the greatest investigation into nature vs. nurture of all time.

  4. elevatingsubstance says:

    Yeah, when I paid $11 the other day for a box of Parliament Lights I decided that as much as I disagree with the “principle” behind pricing people out of their respective, vices, smoking has become prohibitively expensive. Which sucks, because I really do enjoy it. *sigh*

  5. ephemerist says:

    @elevatingsubstance: Sucks indeed. Pricing people out of their vices is not necessarily the best way to accomplish the goal, but it’s the one they found that works for them, or “Them” as it were.

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