Nuts To You, McGillicutty

“The Florida Senate on Thursday passed an amendment to impose a $60 fine on Truck Nutz, one brand name for the novelty item on vehicle trailer hitches that resemble the dangling southern end of a northbound bull.”[Tallahassee Democrat via Wonkette]

Earlier: Busting a Nut

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4 Responses to Nuts To You, McGillicutty

  1. Guess we weren’t the only ones mesmerized by shiny, swinging nuts! Maybe they caused accidents?

  2. ephemerist says:

    First they came for our Truck Nutz, and we said nothing…

  3. Ham says:

    The final bill in florida did not pass, it got “laughed” out.

  4. Ham says:

    the nuts in question were to small, go to Bulls Balls dot com for the real ones.

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