Listen to your ‘Filth Elders’

john-waters.jpgFrom New York mag’s piece on John Waters, now and forever the Pope of Trash:

Also recently, Waters accidentally smoked crack. He was having a party at his house in Baltimore and someone passed him a pipe that he assumed was packed with pot, so he took a puff. “I thought, Am I addicted? Am I gonna rob my parents now? I had a horrible hangover, but I’d been drinking anyway. I was glad, actually, in a way. I would never now purposely try a new drug, I don’t think, but I’m secretly glad I know what it feels like. All I remember is it freezes your lungs. I did meth when I was young, but it was methedrine, which became like a terrible biker drug, like the lowest-class redneck drug, and how it ever became a gay drug is still a mystery to me, because it was so déclassé.”

Hear that kids? When a man who proclaims himself a “filth elder” calls meth déclassé, it’s probably time to put down the pipe and reconsider what you smoke in the name of glamorous, hedonistic fun.

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