Gay Leno

fuckyoujay.jpgOnce again gay playwright Jeff Whitty was forced to take time out of his busy schedule — he’s penning the book to musical adaptation of Tales of the City, doncha know –to confront insensitive late night blabber Jay Leno on his homosexual bias.

Whitty’s previous dust-up occurred when Leno paraded out a series of tired gay cowboy jokes following the release of Brokeback Mountain, forcing the writer to publish an open letter to the talk show host. There was the requisite media flap and after all was said and done, the two had an amiable phone conversation where, despite Leno calling the Stonewall Riots the “Stonehill Rebellion” and referencing the stereotyped fashion sense of the gays, the hatchet was apparently buried (at least in public), under the understanding that “comedy is tough.”

But! The Leno Sensitivity Training Course did not take hold, as demonstrated when Ryan Phillippe stopped by The Tonight Show to promote his new movie Stop-Loss (video here). Leno, harping on the fact that Phillippe’s big break was playing the first openly gay teen on the soap opera One Life to Live, goaded the actor, at one point instructing him: “that camera is your gay lover…can you give me your gayest look?” (Phillippe, to his credit, threatened to walk off the set–twice!–if Jay kept up his harangue.)

Now Whitty, once again rightly incensed, has posted his “gayest look” on his website in response (pictured above). A crude retort perhaps, but in keeping with the juvenile sensibility Leno has cultivated during his too-long reign over the late night airwaves. [via Slog]

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3 Responses to Gay Leno

  1. Christopher (another one) says:

    Sounds like a case of ‘The Lady doth protest too much’. Jay certainly seems to like talking about ‘the gays’. Hmmm…

  2. Christopher (another one) says:

    OK, not even as a joke, no…

  3. ephemerist says:

    I think Jay Leno is more the class clown/school yard bully. I mean, he’s still telling jokes that would get groans during recess at East Bumblefuck Elementary School. Eesh.

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