Stingray: Menace From the Deep

061019-stingray_big.jpgWhen I heard this story I was like, seriously? But then again, it happened in Florida and as we all know, Florida is a cesspool and the nexus for all sorts of inexplicably insane phenomenon. Still!

A woman who was sunbathing on a boat was apparently killed when a stingray leapt out of the water and stuck her. She died after falling backwards and suffering head trauma. Says CBS 4:

Initial reports had indicated that the animal’s sharp defensive barb, located near the base of its tail, had lodged in the woman’s neck. Those reports turned out to be unfounded.

The woman, who was from Pigeon, Michigan, died before help could arrive. She was aboard a rented boat with her sister, father, and mother. They were on vacation.


“It’s a common behavior for Eagles Rays to go ‘aerial’, or breach the surface,” said Robert Rose, a curator with the Miami Seaquarium. “There are many reasons why they do it. They could be fleeing a predator or trying to dislodge a parasite.”

What? This poor woman, who was just trying to get a nice tan on vacay in Florida, was the victim of sea creature skittishness? Think of the all the vacationers who’ll now be too horrified to sun themselves on a pleasure craft for fear of being assaulted by an aerial stingray. One of these horrific creatures already robbed us of beloved “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin. The solution is clear: EXTERMINATE ALL STINGRAYS!

More coverage via Google News.

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9 Responses to Stingray: Menace From the Deep

  1. Brett says:

    How stupid are you American’s – your solution to every problem is to kill “exterminate all stingrays” – I hope this is just your poor attempt at humour.

    I live in Australia, swim often and love to see stingrays under the water. They are rarely dangerous and if left alone, will not harm you. In contrast, you Americans seem determined to kill anything and everythiing .

    • cmartdesign says:

      Im with you Brett we really need to be protecting our marine life not perpetuating peoples fear of it. I too swim and dive with numerous marine life and love watching them swim. These extraordinary animals are also great for eco tourism, sharks alone earn the bahamas over 30 million dollars/year in shark tourism.

      We have to stop this idea of wanting to mindlessly kill or cull the masses based on rare events. We don’t stop all cars on the road or cull all people because one delusional person mass murders a school, education and awareness is the best defence. After all your more likely to drown than be killed by marine animals.


    • Jacob Atkinson says:

      on behalf of America I do have to apologize for the retard who wrote this article. There is a disease of idiocy plaguing our nation and frankly I’m ashamed of people like this. Please do not think that we are all like that.

  2. ephemerist says:

    Uh, yes, Brett, this was my poor attempt at humor (humour) tempered with my crazy American need to kill any and every thing that is a potential adversary to our tranquility…especially an adversary that would impinge on our God given right to get a tan in peace.

  3. @Brett: Do you really think we Americans are seriously unlazy enough to go on a stingray exterminating spree? And what are you doing here in the first place, if you don’t like “humourous” blogs? Did you just google “threats to stingrays”?


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  5. jellykean says:

    I did not expect to find this shocking Stingray conflict this morning. I’m not sure what to say, maybe that makes me a horrible American but can’t say I’m loving Stingrays right now either. Call me old fashioned but I like animals that attack me when I provoke them. Not out of a need to dislodge a parasite…

  6. Jason says:

    Yes, Americans are worse than Victorian police, shoot untill it stops moving, dont worry about anyone or anything in the line of fire, then determin if it was a real threat. Result of Fear.

  7. Clyse says:

    Stingrays do not attack humans for no good reason. This was an unfortunate accident.

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