Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Casting


In one of the greatest casting coups in the history of, um, casting-ness, Michael Cera is in talks to star as the titular hero Scott Pilgrim in the film adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s beloved (by me a lot and others as well) graphic novel.

It is sort of ideal. The dreamy brown eyes! The engaging awkwardness! The comedic indie cred!

New York mag’s Vulture blog thinks playing Scott Pilgrim could indeed save Cera’s career, catapulting him from embodying emotionally stunted teens (their characterization) to an emotionally stunted twenty-something. Whee! Evolution of character!

But! What makes O’Malley’s manga-pop series so compelling is that all the supporting characters are equally as interesting/dynamic/flawed as its protagonist. So…really, the question should be who will be signed to play Pilgrim’s love interest Ramona Flowers? Lazy armchair casting chemistry would seem to require a re-teaming of Cera and Ellen Page, his Oscar-nominated Juno co-star. But that is blech! Though, I am stumped as to which young Hollywood actress could adequately fill the role. Not to mention the rest of the supporting players, including gay roommate Wallace Wells.

Another plus to the adaptation is that it’s being directed by Edgar Wright of Shaun of the Dead fame, who will likely bring the right comic sensibility to a project that will require Cera (fingers x’ed) as Scott Pilgrim to tangle (ninja/video game stylee) with his new girlfriend’s evil ex-boyfriends.

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2 Responses to Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Casting

  1. DUDE!!!! Ellen Page is soooooooo not Ramona, but she could be a passable Kim Pine.

  2. ephemerist says:

    Oh I know Page isn’t! I’m saying lazy studio folks might want a re-team or something. I honestly don’t know who could be Ramona. I’m stumped!

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