Socks and Shoes of Grief


The thing is not other than it is : a site featuring photos of people wearing sandals and socks. Apparel innocuous when separate, but somehow eye-bleedingly awful when combined. Sandals and Socks [via Metafilter]

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6 Responses to Socks and Shoes of Grief

  1. rr says:

    My eyes are bleeding! Make it stop!!!

  2. ephemerist says:

    It cannot be stopped!

  3. Yurl. Who would have guessed how completely unappealing that is?!

  4. Kitty Bangz says:

    HAHA!! Shoes of Grief!! HAHA!!

  5. ephemerist says:

    @KB: that inside joke is funny to only a handful of people but I NEVER GET TIRED OF IT!

  6. jellykean says:

    Shoes of Grief will ALWAYS be funny. It is that constant that anchors my entire life…

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