TV Eye: Lord of the Wigs


Because I’m a masochist, I persist in watching “Lipstick Jungle” and gnashing my teeth throughout. And wowsers, did anyone catch legendary playwright and performer Charles Busch appearing as a snitty fashion designer? Was that hairpiece an homage to The Lord of the Rings? Was he meant to be some sort of designer of elf clothes? (Sadly, not even a guest turn by Charles Busch can elevate this far-fetched show to the level of camp — maybe next time he should appear in drag.)

After the jump, a clip of Busch yukkin’ it up in his kitchen (sans Legolas wig) with gal pal Julie Halston.

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One Response to TV Eye: Lord of the Wigs

  1. rosiec says:

    Julie and Charles are a riot, they can do not wrong!

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