A What-a-Pus?


There’s a joke in here somewhere, but I’m not clever enough to make it. Plus, he’s kinda cute, eh?

It would of course be technically nonsensical to describe this creature as a “six-legged octopus”.

“Octopus” meaning “eight-legged”, it would be similar to talking about a “three-wheeled bicycle”.

What this picture depicts, therefore, is a hexapus. Henry the Hexapus – as he has been christened by his keepers – is a resident of Blackpool Sea Life Centre in the north-west of England.

His shortage of extremities is the result of a genetic defect, rather than an accident, and he is believed to be the first of his six-legged kind known to humanity.

Related: Hexapus is totally the name of my new band.

A hexapus, not a six-legged octopus [Telegraph]

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2 Responses to A What-a-Pus?

  1. LAjay says:

    Hexapus- if i were a witch, it sounds like something Iwould do to you!

  2. ephemerist says:

    @LAJay: Ha! Funny. And bonus points for inside jokeiness.

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