This Is Why I Don’t Give Out My Email


Though maybe I should? Is ignorance bliss? Do I want potential spam from someone I porked? What I’m referring to is, in our age of internet dating and internet hook-ups, you can now let someone know you might have given them an STD utilizing, you guessed it, the internet. According to Utne, “ lets users send an anonymous message to former partners telling them that they might have an STD, so they should get tested.”

Um, that’s great/horrible. And so goes life in the digital age. If you want stir up a health scare amongst the tricks in your address book, this would be a mighty good prank.

And if you did give someone, say, anal warts or the new superbug MRSA, maybe rather than send one of these rather bland anonymous messages try sending a LOL-worthy someecard and then change your email address.

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4 Responses to This Is Why I Don’t Give Out My Email

  1. jellykean says:

    Wow an STD email. with my luck it would go to SPAM and thus I remain blissfully ignorant carrier

  2. If you were smart, you’d email it to all POTENTIAL dates. Then you could be sure they’d be all checked-out and clean before porking them nasty.

  3. Emery Cooper says:

    Hello. Fantastic job, if I wasn’t so busy with my school work I read your whole site. Thanks!

  4. Paul Luciw says:

    09-02-12 Seems that is NO MORE, or so it has seemed since early February.

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