I Am Weary Let Me Rest

frazzled.jpgZOMG. I just spent the last twelve years watching the Oscars (aka the Gay Super Bowl) and I want some, like, credit for my participation. Could that production have been any more taxing? I think I might have preferred that writer-less binocular montage to the actual show. No slight on Jon Stewart, who made the funny, but whoa! That whole “how your Oscar sausage gets nominated” segment? Snooze! And unless I was comatose, which is highly possible, I think they neglected to include Brad Renfro in the deceased Hollywood film-folk montage. At least androgynous, polyamorous Tilda Swinton took home a statue.

Anyway! I want to thank West Coast Correspondent L.A. Jay for keeping the the home fires burning while I was away. He was the most excellent blog guest: he didn’t muddy the carpets, he did his dishes, and he he made scintillating conversation. In case you missed it, we all learned about gay adoption, pet armor and Next-Gen PC Design. Whee! He was so good maybe he’ll stick around and occasionally contribute some posts to this here blog. (Consider it an offer, Jay.)

So, I’m back and still crippled with indecision and self-doubt. Onward!

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