When can I insert my Hard-drive?

I often like to tell the story of how, back in my day, when I first entered college, not everyone had a PC.  In fact I didn’t even own a word processor. I had to borrow my roomies and you can only actually view three lines of your document at a time and once you were finished you pushed type and had to wait like, ten hours, for the Brother to do its magic.

Nowadays we are surrounded by computers, so much so, that we might not even notice how they are affecting our daily lives.   Well, there is a design competition called the Next-Gen PC Design contest that is inspiring people to create the products that we won’t even notice affecting us in the future.

Some of my personal faves are: the Palette-Digital Artist #931, Napkin PC #863 and the Yuno PC #940.

What we don’t understand is why this contest doesn’t have any sex related products.  You know there are some kinky designers out there creating a Digital interface for an ultra-realistic Fleshlight.

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