My Dog is Vicious

So I am the  proud father to a little chihuahua mix named Lola.  She is a fierce bitch! Literally.

One of the things I like about her is her fiery, latin spirit.  When we walk the neighborhood she is a social butterfly until we come to the house a few doors down.  They have a white poodle and Lola hates that dog.  As we near the house, her hackles stand on end and she begins to growl and if the white poodle is in the yard, she barks and barks as if to say, “Don’t come any closer, you white Bitch, or I will cut you!”

She is so cute! Well, after seeing these designs (vie Productdose) I will know what to dress my little chola in when she decides to start banging.

I also think some of these armored designs for mice look terribly cute.  Can’t you just see a scene straight out of a Mouse-ian Watership Down but with animals donning something straight out of the Golden Compass?

PS- I know the series is called cat and mouse but my dog is smaller than my cat…so she would be able to still rock these outfits.

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crazy kid living it up in L.A.
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3 Responses to My Dog is Vicious

  1. Is this more cruel satire or can I really start sending you dog clothes?

  2. oh wait. You’re not Phem. Forgot. Love the “Cut you bitch” reference!

  3. ephemerist says:

    I’m still here just trying to keep my plants alive. Heaven forbid I actually adopt an animal. Though my aloe plant will cut a bitch, too. She’s fierce and off the chain.

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