Randy Bandies Back

rquaid.jpgThrough his attorney, vainglorious acting “legend” Randy Quaid fired back in response to the story yesterday of his lifetime ban from theatre union Actors’ Equity. One missive went to the Post’s Michael Riedel, who reported the antics of Quaid and his wife Evi. “Randy Quaid resigned months ago from Actors’ Equity, is not a member and made clear his intention to forever decline membership. Accordingly, Randy Quaid has banned Actors’ Equity so that point is moot.” You hear that, theatre union, you are banned from Quaid! (Ha ha! wait, what?)

The second letter was sent to industry trade rag Backstage, where, after refuting the charges against Quaid and his wife, the lawyer wanted to “remind you that Randy is an award winning/ Oscar nominated actor who has worked with some of the best directors and actors in the business.”

So, aggrieved cast members, instead of complaining when Quaid deviated from the blocking or rewrote the script or maybe made lewd comments about your sex parts, you should have been happy you were earning scale while in the presence of an acting LEGEND. You basically had a free master class. You should have watched and learned and kept your below-the-title trap shut.

Alas, by the continued fanning of the flames of crazy, Quaid once again proves what show folk have known for ages, sometimes the best drama happens offstage. [Gothamist]

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2 Responses to Randy Bandies Back

  1. That guy always looks just grimey. Like he should be featured in a Hardee’s commercial, eating a cheeseburger with a greasy, dirt-encrusted paw.

  2. ephemerist says:


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