Love, Thy Name Is Bacon

jporknew.jpgThere are many ways to show love, but the quickest way to Ephemerist‘s heart is through cured pork. And though I’ve abstained lately, except for a mandated meeting of the barbecue club (which got a mention recently in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette thanks to an interview with one our founders) doesn’t mean my love for bacon and other pork products has diminished. Which is why my clogged heart leapt with joy at seeing Yes But No But Yes‘s “Top Ten Bacon-Flavored Gifts for Valentines.”

A personal fave is item #2, bacon scented candles. Make that BLT candles, ensuring you get those pesky vegetables (at least the aroma thereof) included in your olfactory bacon adoration.

This Valentine’s, I may treat myself to an orgy of bacon, defying my diet, just to continue my lifelong romance of loving myself (to borrow from Oscar Wilde).

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