Two Great Tastes, etc.

baconmartinipe0.jpgSure, you can drop a few bucks at the Double Down Saloon for their bacon martini (or bacon mary) but dare you attempt to make the pork-infused potion at home for private consumption? If you follow the recipe on Brownie Points it seems fairly simple. Really, it involves bacon, booze and patience. So if you crave the smoky, porcine goodness of bacon mixed with the mood-altering power of alcohol, and feel maybe weird ordering said concoction at a bar, well get to infusin’. Other helpful ideas from the blog: “It is also wonderful when mixed with date syrup for a sweet bacon cordial. It can also be poured into a spray bottle and used to spritz just a touch of smoky bacon flavor to salads, toasts or stews.” Mmm, stews.

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3 Responses to Two Great Tastes, etc.

  1. Susan says:

    I gotta say, you know how much I love the bacons and yet that picture? Of the bacon lolling out of the martini glass like Marmaduke’s tongue? *shudder of horror*

  2. ephemerist says:

    Agreed its not as appetizing as the one on the brownie points site. But ya know, tread that line of appealing / frightening. It’s more fun!

  3. jellykean says:

    I try to be open minded but I just can’t when it comes to porktinis!

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