Drink To Your Wealth

abfab1109.jpgThis may come as something of a shock but the English? They enjoy a tipple. But wait, really big muckety-mucks with his stress CEO-type jobs? They drink like so much. I know, right? Wild! This fact, along with other non-earth-shattery details — “men are likely to drink twice as much as women”; “home was the most popular place for people to drink” — comes courtesy of an article titled “The more successful you are, the more you drink, research finds.” Sadly, if the converse were true, that the more you drink the more successful you are, I’d be Warren Buffett.

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2 Responses to Drink To Your Wealth

  1. Susan says:

    I miss how, in England, you’d pop in the pub at oh, I don’t know… 10 AM, and there would be ten people already there, already enjoying a pint. Or four.

  2. ephemerist says:

    And those are just the poors! Imagine how the riches get down!

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