Space Cockroach Invasion Watch

roach.jpgI hate cockroaches. Growing up in Florida they were all over, and not the little ones that scurry around in the corners of New York apartments. The big fuckers. Call them water bugs or palmetto bugs if that appellation makes them seem less disgusting, but they are cockroaches. Oh, and some of them flew. And we all know that they will outlive us all. Why is this pertinent? Just news that the there are some freaky, amped up roaches being bred aboard a Russian bio satellite with powers and abilities far surpassing their “terrestrial” brethren. They are growing quicker, are more resilient, and can even run faster. These are just a few of the traits that have been observed. Inevitably, this is somehow going to end badly, and may involve having to send Will Smith into space with an exploding rocketship. Look to the skies.

Super Cockroaches! [Gothamist]

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2 Responses to Space Cockroach Invasion Watch

  1. Not. Ok.

    Three Words: Strawberry Shortcake Gazeebo.

    Worst day of my life.

  2. ephemerist says:

    HA! Scarred for life.

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