Sushi On the Move

sakae.jpgGuest of a Guest is excited to report that conveyor belt sushi is arriving in midtown Manhattan, at Sakae Sushi (on 43rd btwn. Lex & 3rd). I remember my wonderment (tempered with a twinge of dining panic) when I experienced “the belt” while visiting my friend Wingfield, who was living in London and studying acting. It was the late ’90’s and I was in my early 20’s. She and her “mates” were frequenters of Yo! Sushi, which employed the conveyor belt method of sushi delivery; they also had a robotic drinks cart that circulated the dining area. They used a system where the plates were color-coded, each color designating the price of the particular sushi or sashimi. She and her friends used to binge then slide a few of the plates in their bags to cut the cost of their meal. I went, but never had the courage to stuff a sushi plate down my pants to save a few bucks (quid?). I was mostly mesmerized by the drinks trolley that for some reason reminded me of K-9. So I’m curious to compare the experience with Sakei.

Semi-related: The other restaurant that Wingfield made me a convert of, Belgo, had an outpost here in the late nineties/early Aughts that summarily shuttered and is now the hiptard refuge Butter. I still miss that fucking place.

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6 Responses to Sushi On the Move

  1. It’s 2008. Surely The Jetsons weren’t lying — why isn’t ALL our food being delivered by robots/on conveyer belts?!
    And where is my goddamn flying car…

  2. Jane says:

    I LOVE the conveyor-belt method of food delivery. I want to try this place. When I was in Toronto, I went to a restaurant that had sushi delivery by little boats in actual flowing water around the sushi bar. It was awesome. Alas, I didn’t feel the need to stuff my pants. Back in those days, the American dollar was worth more than the Canadian dollar. Imagine that!

  3. ephemerist says:

    Yeah, a boat down you knickers would be obvious, and maybe painful.

  4. ephemerist says:

    @ S mcN: True. More robots and conveyor belts. STAT!

  5. jellykean says:

    I just want to stand at the end of the conveyor belt and open my mouth. Is that wrong?

  6. ephemerist says:

    @JK…no, nothing wrong with that. Also, I’m surprised you didn’t chime in on the Belgo mention.

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