We Are All Gossip Bloggers Now

access.jpgPulling a reverse-TMZ, “Access Hollywood” — they of the televised celebrity arse-lickery — will be boosting their online presence (read: gossip blogging). Of course the Times went to omnipresent blogger and celebrity schadenfreudist Perez Hilton (nee Mario Lavandeira) for comment: ‘“People just want a lot of content,” Mr. Lavandeira said. “There’s this insatiable thirst, this appetite for celebrity news.”’

Since the show is a product of NBC Universal, it will seek to “balance that appetite [for celebrity news] with its own standards of accuracy.” Heh.

Is this an appropriate time to mention that I hate the internet?

In Race For Gossip, TV Shows Turn to Blogs [NYT via I Want Media]

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2 Responses to We Are All Gossip Bloggers Now

  1. Well, don’t frighten your Aunt’s britney spears panty less party for it, said Sarah, folding up, Check it out yourself.

  2. They appropiately all define sluttish pepper when it’s held right.

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