Chin Musing

blitzer.jpgYe gods! Over at the Huffington Post, for their “What’s My Logo?” feature — which “address[es] the professional importance of personal style with prominent businesspeople, leaders and personalities” — they’ve chosen to interview none other than CNN’s bearded blusterer Wolf Blitzer. Wolf. Blitzer. Talks. Style. Take that concept for a walk around the block. Still if you were dying to know how often he trims his beard (“every 4-5 days”) or that his wife picks out his ties give it a read. It is as sleep-inducing as you might imagine. Then there’s this exchange:

Why do you think they were so interested in your jackets?
Maybe they were bored with the subject I was talking about and just started paying attention to the outfit I was wearing — I have no idea!

If what you’re reporting on, which is usually of national import, ostensibly, is less interesting than your dark suit/striped tie combo, maybe you’re doing it wrong.

What’s My Logo?: Wolf Blitzer On His Beard: “I Work Hard To Look Good” [HuffPo]

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