A Nice Cuppa…Vagina?!

cup.gifThey claim that “the future of maturbation is here, now!” Um, boy howdy — that future is basically vagina in a cup, which comes (zing!) in various positions like the “Deep Throat” (pictured). From the FAQs:

Q.Is TENGA onanicup disposable?
A.Yes. TENGA onanicup series are all disposable. These are not for using repeatedly by rinsing out. It’s not only because of hygienic aspect, but also because we’d like you to enjoy TENGA’s outstanding feeling.

You hear that? Because nothing feels more outstanding than spooging in cup. Except, maybe, real sex? Do people have that anymore?

Tenga [site via Fimoculous]

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One Response to A Nice Cuppa…Vagina?!

  1. Visitor says:

    Now, now. After fifteen years of marriage, maybe even you will need a Tenga.

    I own a Fleshlight, a more expensive, non-disposable version of the Tenga. It serves its purpose.

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