Butch Up, Big Boy

bobsbigboy.gifThe city planning commission of Norco, California, a place also known as Horsetown USA, doesn’t think the chubby, checker-overalled mascot of Bob’s Big Boy is in keeping with their rugged, “Old West” image.

Bob’s Big Boy is expanding nationwide and wants to build a 5,200-square-foot restaurant, but the mascot at the entrance has led to a clash between corporate image and Norco’s equestrian theme.

The restaurant agreed to have Big Boy wearing a cowboy hat, but the city planning commission says it’s still not Western enough.

Well, if a roly-poly (and possible adolescent obesity-suffering) mascot is not tough enough for the town, anyone thinking of opening a Burger King franchise should just forget it. The tight-wearing, stalker-tendencied, bed hopping beef monarch would surely end up tar and feathered.

Bob’s Big Boy Mascot Not Western Enough [AP/Newsvine]

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