Aniston! Aniston!

jenniferaniston1206.jpgGreen Bay prisoner Jevon Jackson wanted to affix to the wall of his cell a glossy portrait he’d ordered of Jennifer Aniston, the “Friends” star and celebrity divorcee with the winsome smile. Perhaps her radiant visage was a soothing balm to his incarceration. Or perhaps he just wanted to masturbate to an image of someone other than the beefy Aryan Nation leader in cell block D. Whatever the reasoning he was denied by the warden. It seems “the prison has a policy against inmates receiving, and thus displaying, commercially published photographs.”

Claiming his first amendment rights had been violated, Jackson took his case to the federal court, who ruled in favor of the prison, saying Jackson could always get around the rule by displaying magazine photographs, which are acceptable.

So now Jackson must be content to hang a clipping of Ms. Aniston from a celebrity rag like US Weekly or In Touch, one showing the star eating an ice cream or carrying her groceries to her hybrid car under the caption “Stars, They’re Just Like Us.” Though, unlike Jackson, they aren’t, ya know, in prison.

Inmate Loses Bid to Hang Aniston Photo[Newsvine]

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  1. she is really brilliant , i like the way she carry herself!

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