There’s a Starman Waiting In the Sky

ufo024.jpgIf there’s one good thing to come out of this never-ending election cycle we’re trapped in, it’s the discussion of important issues facing the future of our great nation, from immigration to global warming to…aliens. After Democratic nominee Dennis Kucinich bravely outed himself as a true believer, everyone is eager to get a toehold in the new space (alien) race.

Just recently, always even-keeled commentator Bill O’Reilly interviewed everyone’s kooky crystal-clutching –and Kucinich’s daughter’s actual–godmother, Shirley MacLaine, on her own frequently espoused extraterrestrial beliefs.

O’REILLY: Some astronauts do believe, and airline pilots, that they have seen unexplained things.

MACLAINE: Yeah. I think the question is not, are they seeing something real that’s unidentified, but, what are they? Let’s get into that discussion.

O’REILLY: Do you know what they are?

MACLAINE: There are so many visitations that I would have to do some kind of analysis on them and answer your question.

O’REILLY: So are they like we are? Are they people?

MACLAINE: They are living “star beings.”

O’REILLY: Star beings.

MACLAINE: That is what they prefer to be called rather than aliens.

O’REILLY: Do they get haircuts and stuff? Do they look like we do?

MACLAINE: Stop that.

O’REILLY: Come on now, lighten up a little, Ms. MacLaine. Do they look like us?

MACLAINE: God, I hope not.

[The O’Reilly Factor via Newsvine]

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