“Cause Hos Don’t Act Right!”

supesloiscolorblog.pngIn the High Street/Brooklyn Bridge station Sunday night, returning home slightly tipsy from a book club meeting, I encountered a girl with a plastic Superman mask on her head. Someone else in her group had a bag with the Superman “S” logo on it. I had to inquire. The conversation went something like this (if memory serves):

Me: What’s all this about?

Girl: We were at a Superman and Hos party.

Me: What does that entail?

Girl: Superman comes and snatches away the hos.

Me: And why does he do this?

Girl: Cause hos don’t act right!

Still wondering what it meant, I did some googling. Perhaps what she actually said was a Superman Dat Ho party, which is apparently a lyric from the Soulja Boy song “Crank That” and also a dance, but not, sayeth Soulja Boy himself, a rather vile-sounding sex act that’s been ascribed to the phrase. That would have been a whole other party.
(I do not know this Soulja Boy as I am old and unhip. See the first graf where I reference my membership in a book club.)

Whatever the case, I think I have the theme for my next shindig. Thank you random subway girl.

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2 Responses to “Cause Hos Don’t Act Right!”

  1. Jane says:

    It was good to finally put a finger on how hos act. It’s so obvious to me now.

  2. ephemerist says:

    “Put a finger on..” Heh.

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