Sapphic Resemblances

dave-foley.jpgAbout seven or so years ago, the Kids in the Hall came through Orlando, where I was living at the time, with their live tour. The show reprised material from their much-adored television program and was rollicking fun. Though I noted then, that with his weight gain and dyed-blond locks, Dave Foley looked like a butch lesbian.

Flash forward to the now, where through the magic of the internets there’s a blog called Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians. It’s pretty self-explanatory. And a good way to while away those hours you should be working.

I wonder what other thoughts I thunk ages ago will find themselves manifest on the dub-dub-dub?

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One Response to Sapphic Resemblances

  1. God. This site is like my new crack.

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