Herding Cats: Explaining How Comments Work

258721_trash_icon.jpgSo, some crazy Times reader gets all persnickety about how comments are moderated on the website, forcing poor City Room blogger Patrick LaForge  to school readers with a top ten list on why their inane ramblings don’t appear the moment they hit submit.  As one might imagine, its a Sysiphean task. 

The very first comment on the post was someone named Ed saying “So, in other words, people are fee[sic] to make idiotic comments besmirching the reputations of others but they cannot be called idiots themselves? Uh, yeah, that makes sense.” 

A  (presumably )weary  LaForge replies:  “No, they are not.”  The sound of a gun cocking wasn’t indicated, but I imagine the cold steel of the barrel was resting ‘gainst LaForge’s temple.

The Times needs to round their commenters redirect them to TMZ. 

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