The Not-So-Merry Widow

hunter_anita_painting.jpg Anita Thompson, the widow of Hunter S. Thompson, is a bit peeved at the way Rolling Stone’s Jann Wenner portrayed the good doctor in his recent book Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson, An Oral Biography. Anita, who started as Thompson’s personal assistant and was only married to him for two years before he killed himself, was supposed to pen an intro to Wenner’s book but then he and his co-author put in some facts that were maybe potentially embarrassing, so she went and wrote her own damn book The Gonzo Way. But there’s still bad blood. Daily News gossip wags Rush & Molloy spoke to both parties involved in the fracas.

She said:

“When Hunter was compiling his second letters book, there was some humiliating correspondence between Hunter and Jann. His publisher was urging him to put it in, but in the end, Hunter didn’t run it. It would’ve sold more books. But he protected his buddy. I’m sad that Jann didn’t do the same.

He said:

“She’s attacking the book because she’s not in it,” Wenner told us. “We just took her out. We took her narrative thread out and had other people tell the story. Anita and I get along fine, but she has an exaggerated sense of who she was in terms of Hunter. She had another kind of role.”

Hmm. But is that really all it boils down to?

“I think deep down, Jann loved Hunter,” said Anita. “Maybe he feels Hunter didn’t return that love enough.”

Hunter S. Thompson as an unrequited Wenner crush? Totally plausible.

Also: Anita Thompson’s book has a sales ranking of 5, 302 on while Wenner’s is at 303.

[via BoingBoing]

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One Response to The Not-So-Merry Widow

  1. C.L.Glancy says:

    I’m glad Anita’s book is doing well, and no doubt Jann’s well will catch up and probably out perform. Anita should know better than anyone that life isn’t always pretty…she should pull up her big girl panties and get on with it. No one can ever own HST, and as time goes by a lot more of his controversial behind the scenes antics will come to light. All the better for us. If being embarrassed by association is a problem, then don’t associate.

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