Responding to the Response — Choking on ‘Serviam’

waller.jpgRemember how last week I discussed Serviam, the People magazine of private security contractors? And then Gawker picked it up? Well guess who else had his eye on the blogosphere — the editor of Serviam J. Michael Waller. He writes about the reactions on his own blog, Political Warfare, mentioning the “irreverent treatment” given to the news of his new venture.

He even name checks this here site: “Ephemerist, in his own blog, says our magazine will ‘make a great Christmas present.’ But I infer from the tone of his comment that he isn’t really serious.” Ya inferred that did ya? Snort.

Waller seems pleased that his little venture has garnered attention both pro and con.  “We’re told by Very Important People in New York City that we’ve hit the big time with Gawker.”

And then there’s Blackwater — who he notes is an advertiser — going and touting the launch in their “hot” newsletter. Synergy!

Imagine if this thing shifted the paradigm and mercenary mags became the new celebrity glossies? Would we see Merc Weeky soon (Mercenaries: They’re Just Like Us!)? What would Janice Min look like in a flak jacket?

Earlier: Soldier of Fortune 2.0

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