Assigning Blame

gossipgirlcast.jpgDo you wonder, like me, what’s wrong with the kids these days. Like, why they are all whorily dressed anorexics who befriend the popular kids only to maintain a place in the social pecking order? One would be tempted to look to sites like Facebook and movies and TV as places to blame. Then one would read Bob Morris’ recent “Age of Dissonance” column and realize it’s clearly “stylish uncles” like him and obsessive parents who should bear the brunt. And Peggy Siegal: ‘“All I ever think about is whether my niece is popular, thin and happy enough,” said Peggy Siegal, the movie screening doyenne and New York social engine. “Her mother tells me I have very bad values.”’ Um, you don’t say.

As Cool as They Want to Be [NYT]

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