Wait, People On the Internet Lie About Their Age?

tom.jpgScandale!  MySpace co-founder and ubiquifriend Tom might be, gulp, older than he let on?  According to Portfolio blogger Jeff Bercovici:

[Tom] Anderson claimed he was 27 when MySpace started up five years ago, which would put him at 32 today. But Newsweek insists in its new issue that public documents show him to be turning 37 next week. (TechCrunch actually reported the age controversy almost a week earlier, but I don’t credit them with the scoop because they were unable to find proof and put his age at “36 or 37.”)

And this is apparently a credibility problem, beause kids these days don’t like to be friends with old peeps who happened to have stumbled upon social networking sites? (Heh!)

Lying about your age? On the internet?!  How will I ever be able trust again?

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One Response to Wait, People On the Internet Lie About Their Age?

  1. read my article about this subject that was posted yesterday (the idea did not come from here its just i think yours is a little better) on http://litve.wordpress.com/2009/09/11/how-old-are-you-age-lessness-of-the-web/

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