Soldier of Fortune 2.0?

serviam.jpgMove over Soldier of Fortune, there’s a new mercenary magazine that needs room on the convenience store racks next to Field and Stream and that well-thumbed copy of Barely Legal. Serviam (Latin for “I will serve”) caters to a kinder, gentler private contractor.

Serviam’s mission is to provide accurate and actionable information about private sector solutions to promote global stability. We address users and consumers of private goods and services in the humanitarian relief, national development, security and military sectors; government and private providers of such goods and services; and government entities involved in decisions that determine or influence trends in this growing industry.

It’s chock full of of fascinating facts and revisionist history. For instance, did you know that if not for mercenaries — sorry, Private Security Contractors — there would have been no Thanksgiving? It’s true! Myles Standish was basically the forefather of Blackwater. Also, Capt. John Smith. PSCs are basically as American as apple pie. All you liberals that decry the contribution of Blackwater to our military efforts abroad…YOU ARE TRAITORS. There is nothing more patriotic than profiting from war and using tax dollars for private contractors. Thankfully, there is now a publication that will correct the error of your thinking.

Also, it’ll make a great Christmas present.

[via Mother Jones]

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