Freedom Rocking

Are you ever obsessing about a thing in your head and suddenly it appears? Synchronicity if you will? Well, that just happened with me and the old commercial for Freedom Rock. Maybe it’s all this talk about baby boomers reaching social security age (btw, a belated happy 60th Hillary!) or the comparisons of the quagmire in Iraq to the quagmire in Vietnam, which the Second-Greatest Generation is obsessed with, or whatnot, but the synapses in my brain still connect the baby boomers with how they wanted all their peers (and anyone younger, by proxy) to get on their rose-colored, VW bus called nostalgia.

(I blame the boomers for starting the whole repackaging-your-childhood-memories trend, which is why we’re currently living in the neon-hued 80’s again and fairly soon we’ll all be in flannel shooting heroin while listening to lost Blind Melon b-sides.)

Sorry, rambling! Anyway, I clicked on the Slog and lo and behold, Freedom Rock (which saved me from actually having to search YouTube myself). You know the drill, turn it up man.

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2 Responses to Freedom Rocking

  1. cindy e. says:

    I heart you for so many things — today it is for posting this.

    When I was little, I used to think that: “In the white room, with black curtains, come on people now, smile with your brother … ” was one song because of this commercial.

    Dude, I would totally order this too. Excellent songs … might need to inquire at eBay.

  2. ephemerist says:

    @cindy e.: Wow, you like created the Freedom Rock megamix in your head. That is cute.
    As for owning it…well, will it be on record or cassette tape? Or you can save the money and just get disc 2 of the Forrest Gump soundtrack. Which is almost the same thing. Choices!

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