Emptying the Fictional Closet


Dear Internets:

Can we agree to put an end to the outing of fictional characters, a stoner pastime-cum-blog meme that’s all the rage following the Dumbledore hoopla? (while we’re at it, let’s put an end to making minor cultural blips into t-shirts.)

As previously noted, Radar jumped into the fray first, followed by New York (not seeing they’d been beaten to the punch till after they hit publish), and then EW’s Popwatch blog.

I’m all for the easy filler post, but the comic mileage of yanking a supposedly gay fictional character from the imaginary closet is on par with a Dane Cook riff: it’s cheap, not entirely LOL-worthy, and had probably been done before.

While a beloved character from an immensely popular series like Harry Potter may inspire a young reader questioning his or her sexuality to take pride in a kindred spirit–there’s definitely an intersection on the venn diagram where the kids in the sci-fi /fantasy reading set and kids who are gay set intersect–trotting out old hoary old tropes like Sesame Street’s Ernie as a homo is tired. (What about Velma from Scooby Doo? See, anyone can do it!)

Now, let’s leave the imaginary world be, and get back to outing B-list celebrities and Republican apparatchiks. Isn’t that what you’re really here for?

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One Response to Emptying the Fictional Closet

  1. There is an illegal war going on. People are dying. And we’re worried about fictional gay wizards.

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