David Sedaris Quits Smoking, Abandons America

sedaris.jpgIn a recent interview with David Sedaris, the noted humorist admits to giving up smoking for the perks, like healthier skin. And so he could stay in hotels that aren’t the Quality Inn. “I just quit so I could stay at nice hotels. Generally, I’m on tour two months out of the year, and all the good hotels have gone non-smoking.” God, it kind of boggles the mind. Wasn’t smoking his creative crutch? It’s like Christopher Hitchens getting off the sauce and going to an A.A. meeting.

Oh, and he’s applying for a British citizenship. “Once I have a British visa, I can live anywhere in Europe that I want. And I don’t have to give up my American passport, so you don’t lose anything” Wait, actually, that’s not a bad idea. Can anyone do this? Or is it just for bestselling authors?

And though he’s used his entire family as grist for his comic mill, he draws the line at writing about children, forgoing the Neal Pollack route:

I think it’s perfectly OK to write about your parents, but I think it’s creepy to write about your children. So, I told myself I would not write about Madeline [his niece]. But when I went to my brother’s house last spring, I was thinking, “God, I hope she doesn’t do anything memorable. Please let her be boring.”

Oddsmakers, what’s the prediction there will be a Madeline story or two by the time she hits puberty?
David Sedaris: Unapologetic, quirky as ever [PopMatters]

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4 Responses to David Sedaris Quits Smoking, Abandons America

  1. Yoouuuu remember that about writing about any of your potential nieces and nephews. You’re creepy enough, buddy.
    That being said, you are welcome to write about any animal-children I have.

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