Guns & Ammo & Children

Did you know that Guns & Ammo, “the nation’s leading gun and ammunition magazine,” also has a blog? Well it’s true! While most of the posts are inscrutable to the lay-gunperson, they do have pictures. Pictures like this adorable tot brandishing a firearm. Blogroll this shit now.


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5 Responses to Guns & Ammo & Children

  1. Any message to children that gun is pleasure giving toy is wrong.

  2. twoblueday says:

    But, hey, get a load of that ‘scope!

  3. LES chic says:

    any message that is judgemental and misleading and relies on reactionary fear is boring. that girl is clearly shooting with some diligent handling technique and i see no evidence that she’s treating the gun and the shooting of said gun like a toy. she even has proper trigger control. but i do see how this would escape you. you are too busy trimming along from your high moral liberal fascist playground pushing everyone’s fear buttons to demonstrate your neatly closed mind.

    it ought not be such a surprise that there are gun blogs. i mean, *REALLY*? are you that unsophisticated? c’mon.. stop going for the easy polemic.

    anyone in nyc can come on down, 6:30PM tonight, to 20 w. 20th st and i’ll give you some shooting pointers. if you want to actually learn something about the fine art of shooting and why guns are not just a charm on your silly gold plated necklace.. i dare all of you to come down, conquer your fear, and perhaps even have a good time.

  4. Kellene says:

    Great post. I work with women and firearms on a regular basis and have found that one of the most common concerns women have about firearms. If given a gun and educated properly on firearm safety (like this gal above) children will be even more responsible, law abiding citizens than their peers.

  5. zain says:

    when a white people use gun its training and when a black people or a muslim is using a gun its terrorism????? waaaoww. thnk you all white people…

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