But Officer, The Leprechaun Told Me To


A man arrested for breaking into a car while not wearing any trousers came up with an impressive excuse – he told police he thought a leprechaun had let him into the car.

Kim Leblanc, of Cincinnati, reportedly admitted to authorities that he had been using drugs.

According to investigators, Leblanc broke into a car parked overnight on Central Parkway in Cincinnati on Tuesday, and promptly fell asleep inside.

He was trouserless when the car’s owner found him, and called the police. Leblanc told officers that he had been taking drugs, and believed he had been let into the car by a leprechaun.

This is so like the time that Yeti told me I could take a leak on the corner of Prince and Broadway without getting a ticket. Do not take advice from mythological creatures. They clearly have boundary issues and a poor understanding of societal norms.


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